Antique Collectables
Antique golden small chinese gate with a huge bell in the middle and 2 smaller bells on the sides
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese calligaphy set with brushes and small cups
Wooden Display
Slim wooden bowl with lid, "Hawaii" carved on it
Red chinese lion on a golden and red ball
Japanese Display
Wooden block with japanese characters attached to a red string and a golden bell / menu block
Flat brown wood with detail carving on it
Deco Holder
Brown rectangle wood with a concave middle
Ship Model
Brown pirate wooden ship model
Vintage Holder
Vintage wine storage/holder brown cylinder with flowers/leaves carving
Light brown monkey closing its mouth
Glass Bottle
Brown Eiffel tower bottle with cork on the lid
White statue of 2 people hugging
Light brown owl with blue feature and floral and vine design
Vintage Bowl
Transparent glass bowl with gold rim and base
Vintage Drawer
Small replica of a brown table/cabinet with drawers and storage compartment
Vintage Machine
Vintage traditional sewing machine
Goldfish on a black stand
Collectors Item
Vintage blue robot with a small drum
Soldier ceramic statue
Antique Horn
Antique horn attached to red,black and white rope